We have decided to announce this official call to action. Many of you know that our Historical Committee has been working very hard in preserving our historical monuments. We quickly realized how difficult it is to be at every event so we came up with a more strategic approach. We’ve drafted a Bill and a letter to preserve historical monuments.

The other night, some of us in zone 6 met with Congressman Brian Mast and District 85 Representative Rick Roth. We handed our Bill proposal to Brian with the hopes that he will be able to get it into the right hands.

We also handed our Bill proposal to Rick, and he lit up with excitement and started talking about history with us. He even gave us his personal phone number so we can stay in contact about this.

We feel strongly that he will likely be our sponsor for this bill, but we need everyone’s help here! We need to proceed with an email/phone/letter campaign to all of our local reps and senators.

We are working hard to get patriots with strong social media followings such as Outlaw Morgan and Pissed Off American on board as well.

Below you will find links to the letter template and bill, as well as the website to find your local legislators.

Your state and your country needs you on this! We are asking everyone to participate and reach out to others to do the same! This is what makes us different from other patriot groups!

If you need any help in this process please feel free to reach out!

Let’s give em hell!!

The Letter Template can be found here


The Bill can be found here:


To find the contact info for your senator and representative visit:

For a list of senators and representatives email addresses visit:

Contact Your Legislator