This past weekend our Florida Chapter had the opportunity to take part in the ACT for America March Against Sharia – March For Civil Rights in Orlando, FL just outside the Valencia College campus.  Tensions were high on both sides of the discussion, as the political climate is at its boiling point between patriots and those on the left.  Our team on sight did an outstanding job of representing the Three Percent Republic with pride and respect.  They maintained their professionalism while demonstrating that Sharia Law has no place in the United States.  It goes against the Constitution founded by our Founding Fathers and violates Civil Rights of women, children, and even the LGBT community.

There were many things that were learned at this event that can be useful in the future.  The Assistant State Leader has typed up and provided an After Action Report for anyone who is interested to know what went down and what was learned by this operation.  Please feel free to read the After Action Report for yourself.