Please share this with everyone you know. Even if attendance isn’t possible, there is a donation link. This will get our logo on their jerseys as Sponsors, so its a big deal!

This is an event to help the Azaela Park Panthers provide equipment and jerseys for up to 150 kids. There is a website at the bottom to make online donations; in case someone who wants to help, that cannot make the event, still wants to donate. We are hoping to raise $6,000. Kids under 12 are free. Lots of cars to look at, amazing food, and even a bounce house for the kids. There will be security (myself and my Brothers and Sisters that will volunteer our time) there for everyone’s safety. Please share to everyone you know! ¬†You can view the event itself on Facebook by clicking here

Also, if anyone knows a car club “Director”, please have them reach out to me directly so we can coordinate.


Please post any questions you have on the Facebook Event

Link to donate if you can’t make it
Click Here