It’s been a little over a week and a half since the official “launch” of the Tree Percent Republic.  We have worked through the kinds, and have come out the other side a unified principled group of patriots!  Due in no small part to the loyalty, eagerness, and patriotism of our great membership we have made break neck speed in gaining followers on Facebook and website visitors!

In just over a week and a half of the main Facebook page being live and active, we have exploded onto the Social Scene at Facebook.  We have had 760 people view our page, and generated a total of 453 new Page Likes!  That is faster growth than most Facebook Pages out there in the first two weeks in existence.  In addition, we have reached 21,830 different people across the Country with our posts.  That is in part due to our fine Patriots sharing and spreading the word!  We have also had a total of 4,045 Post Engagements, which means 4,045 times someone has liked, shared, commented, etc. on one of the Page’s posts.

Great Job Three Percent Republic!  Keep Spreading the Word!