Three Percent Republic Denounces Racially Divisive Actions by Other Three Percent Organizations

For Immediate Release
Tuesday, May 23, 2017

In recent weeks, tensions have been heated, as local government officials have made decisions to remove or relocate historical Confederate monuments in an effort to appease what they perceive to be the majority of their constituents. We are saddened by these events because our country has had much bloodshed and many lessons learned in order to ascertain right from wrong. Wisdom tells us that what we refuse to remember and acknowledge as our history; we are doomed to repeat.

None the less, recent demonstrations across this great country by those who deem these monuments to be “racist” in nature have elicited response from a wide range of citizens with differing opinions. Among those citizens many have been seen waving the Confederate Flag while wearing camouflage, tactical gear, and Three Percenter shirts. They have also been seen arguing loudly using racial slurs. Their behavior implies racism and bigotry, and is absolutely contrary to the spirit of a Three Percent Republic member.

True Three Percent Republic members are Patriots. We love our country, and we love our families. We believe in equality and justice for all Americans. Under no circumstance does the Three Percent Republic or its leadership endorse fanatic behavior that may lead to negativity and/or violence. Any individual wearing the Three Percenter Logo displaying this fanatic, racist, or hateful behavior should not be considered a representative of the Three Percent Republic or even a true American Patriot and is hear by denounced.


Matt Johnson
National Digital Media Officer
Three Percent Republic
David Clayton
National Public Relations Officer
Three Percent Republic


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