The Three Percent Republic is an organization made up of patriotic citizens who love their country. We are devoted to upholding our rights as set forth in the Constitution of the United States of America. We are committed to educating others about the Constitution and standing up against unjust laws and those who will have them passed. We Identify as III% but we are not like most other organizations.

We are not a militia. We do not hold offensive trainings with weapons. We do however have meetings on local, state, and National levels. These meetings are constructional in their content. We encourage and assist member with local networking. Being a part of the Three Percent Republic a way of life rather than a social club to join. As this organization is of the people and for the people there are no membership fees or dues. We will not charge people to participate in a movement that defends the framework of our Country. This does not mean that all events are going to be free of charge. Some events may be held at facilities that require admission which can be paid individually or as a group. We consist exclusively of volunteers and no member at any level including National leadership is on any payroll provided by the Three Percent Republic.

We are not anti-government. On the contrary we are pro government. We will stand shoulder to shoulder to protect our republic from those who wish her harm. We will challenge any law that infringes on the rights of the people by way of protest and political movement. In the case of an elected official pursuing a law that would be detrimental to the rights and freedoms of all Americans we will organize and rally the voters against them. We do not wish to see our government overthrown or toppled.

In fact, we are very pro-government, so long as the government abides by the Constitution, doesn’t overstep its bounds, and remains “for the people and by the people”.  ​Our goal is to utilize the fail safes put in place by our founders to reign in an overreaching government and push back against tyranny.  We are working to preserve the intent of our government as designed.  We do not intend to implement our own government. ​ There is often a misconception that we are wanting to overthrow the government.  This is simply not true and a false rumor to try and paint our movement as anti-government.

Our National Facebook page is at ​www.facebook.com/ThreePercentRepublic


The III % is an American patriot movement that pledges resistance against the infringement of the United States Constitution. The group’s primary purpose is to protect their views of constitutional rights and has been characterized as being ideologically like the Oath Keepers.

The group’s name is based on the American Revolutionary armed resistance against the British. The revolution constituted an estimated three percent of the population. This number has never been accurately calculated, but is generally believed to be the ratio, thus the name. The participation rate of the eligible population is estimated to have been higher than in most other American military conflicts.

The movement was started on December 17, 2008, in response to the election of Barack Obama.  The movement was co-founded by Mike Vanderboegh from Alabama, a member of the Oath Keepers, a group with whom the 3 Percenters remain loosely allied with and who publicized the movement on his blog “Sipsey Street Irregulars” beginning November 2008.  Additionally, the “Three Percenters Club” website was established in 2011 by Michael Graham.

The “Nyberg Three Percent Flag,” designed by Gayle Nyberg in 2008, is based on the Betsy Ross Flag with the Roman numeral “III” inscribed in the circle of thirteen stars.

We believe in three core fundamentals:

Education: How can one know what rights are eroding away if one does not know what rights they possess? It is our job to educate others about the mechanics of our government, about the ways of a three percenter and the ways of the Three Percent Republic.

Community Outreach: It is the goal of our group to improve our communities and the lives of those that reside in them. To get your zone and state involved with charity. To establish disaster response groups to aid our brothers and sisters in their times of need.

Preparation: Being prepared does not only mean stockpiling food and water. It means being mentally prepared to tackle any challenge placed in front of you. It means being physically prepared to go the long haul. Preparing for any circumstance gives us the ability to help our communities in the case of natural disasters. It gives us the ability to hold out a lending hand. We will also encourage everyone to learn First Aid, Food Preparation and how to defend one’s self.


All members of the Three Percent Republic must abide by these four principles.

  1. No First Use of Force – We are not the aggressors nor antagonists. We are defensive in nature and will exhaust all options prior to any escalation of force.
  2. Moral Strength – Knowing what is right and wrong and acting accordingly. Being trustworthy, truthful, and holding high values and principles. Having the moral strength to stand up when something is wrong without fear.
  3. Physical Readiness – Physical readiness is defined as the ability to meet the physical demands of any task to accomplish the objective at hand. Even Betsy Ross had a place in her ability.
  4. No Targeting of Innocents – we will not react to or act upon anyone who has not presented themselves as an opponent.

Anyone who cannot accept these principles as a self-imposed discipline are not welcome in this organization, nor should they ever consider themselves a part of the Three Percent movement.


The goal and focus of the Three Percent Republic is to get patriots to network, prepare, petition and rally together on a local, state and national level. We intend to provide the groundwork and guidance that will be used to make positive advances in the restoration of our Constitutional Republic. We plan to leverage incorporated fail safes and laws to ensure the success in preserving the Constitution as the supreme law of the land.